Getting shit done, or trying to at least…

In the last few days I've got a storage locker, emptied out all the crap in my car and got an oil change – thereby increasing the miles per gallon probably tenfold.
Then I paid off my credit card, then I went and bought a cheap 19" tv with it to replace the aging set that my stepdad gave me about 5 years ago that requires you to tap on the tuner knob to work, and wasn't cable ready. Now I have a cheapie cable ready TV with remote (woohoo!) that actually works consistently. Was only $119, so I haven't violated my personal policy of not getting anything on the CC I can't pay for within 30 days. (My CC company allows me to log on to their website and enact a ACH funds transfer from my bank to pay my bill whenever I want, as often as I want. w00t!)

Anyway, I also fed R's fish, visited at work, and various other things.

I've been feeling like crap the last few days, somehow my blood sugar got way out of whack again, despite me cutting down on my sugar intake by at least 70%. Ugh. I've worked from bed the last 2 days now, and I'm telling myself that no matter how I feel today, I'm going to drag myself in to the office to finish some things before the week is over that I want to have done. I'll be damned if I let this overcome my life like it has before.

So anyway, how are you all?

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