Where's noweb4u?

Oh, I'm still here.

Not feeling well though. Why do I have to get sick when my work gets new toys I want to play with, and not when it's boring normal work?

At least it was quiet last night…

Seen my family this weekend. Need new tie rods and front drivers side bearing on my car pretty soon. It's supposedly looking really nasty. Guess I'm going to stick to commuting in that beast until I can get that done.

I signed up for sams club. I'll try it out and see if it's worth it. I don't live too far from it, so it's not all that difficult to hit up.

Got mad bills to pay this month. My ISP is having problems authenticating me to bond to 128k ISDN. This resulted in my systems making over 1800 local calls trying to rebond to 128k after a phone call. I'm raging pissed at my ISP. My phone bill went from $53.38 to $96.15 this month. That and with my tax payments last month, I couldn't pay the electric bill, plus the A/C is operating really screwy, so there's an aded $150 on top of what I didn't pay last month. Ugh.
I should be able to afford all of it, but this sucks. Less income to save for car repairs and stuff. *pout*

2 thoughts on “Where's noweb4u?”

  1. Tie rods are REALLY important to have. At first it steers funny. Then the lack of one causes the rest to die, and eventually you collide with stuff (I drove w/o tie rods over a year, btw).
    Since I'm a mechanical neophite, would be the opinion that mattered to me.

  2. Yea, this is a Cisco 804. The bug is definitely in their end. Their radius server is saying I am connected twice so when I drop a channel, it doesn't free it up on their end, and when I reconnect it thinks I'm trying to bond a third channel, and denies it. I think if this doesn't clear up I'm going to get really pissed…

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