Got pulled over again today. Another waivable headlight ticket.
I tried turning on my interior light in addition to the way I usually make my hands visible. The cop seemed taken aback, and quite at ease. He even forgot to ask me for my proof of insurance. It was funny.
I was pulled over because my brake light had part of it that was "visibly white" (it's a tiny bit cracked, I'm going to put some red tape on it today I think so I don't get pulled over for that again anymore.. That and he didn't notice the turn signal on that side was burned out. woot.)
Anyway, I got a headlight ticket, as usual. Now I just gotta toss a few bucks at a bulb. I think I'll wrap my headlight in packing tape to see if it will keep the bulb dry so it doesn't explode again. One of these days I gotta get myself a recently new used car that doesn't look so suspicious. :->

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    1. Yea, that cop was pretty cool about everything. One of the nicer ones I've dealt with (Other than the state cop that just told me my license plate fell over in my back window when it was there, and I set it back up and he was like "cool" and took off, and the cop that gave me a fix it ticket when I talked him out of giving me a ticket for going 25 over)

  1. the boy in that picture looks familiar. Maybe u should just go hungry for a few days and fix up some of that stuff. i would hate to have your insurance right now..;)

    1. Hmm.
      Cost of headlight: $4.00
      Cost of turn signal light: Free, it's in my glovebox.
      Impact on insurance: None, it's not a moving violation.
      Impact on drivers license: None, it's not a moving violation.
      Cost of ticket: None, it's free if I fix it and show a cop and get them to sign the ticket saying my headlight is replaced.
      Impact: None. It's basically a gift from the cop – they could have written me up for a multitude of things, like the crack in the windshield, or anything else, but they gave me a free ticket that simply requires me to take 5 minutes of my day to fix the problem. As he said "Notice that it says waivable. This means, just get it fixed, and get a signoff, and it's like this never happened. Don't let it go, because the ticket is expensive if you don't get it fixed." (Minimum ticket in Oakland county (except for handicapped parking violations) is $80.)

      So the idea is, I pay $4 (I have that much in my pocket, right now.) and a $0.35 stamp to mail the ticket back, and it's all good. I definitely don't have to go hungry.

      But I'm sure as hell am not going to pay $300 for a new headlight lens. Forget that. Only an idiot would do that. Packing tape will work just fine.

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