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  1. *laugh*


    a – techno is 4/4, banging, synth-driven music for machines, by machines. it was invented i detroit in the mid 80s, and it's primarily what you're going to hear this weekend at the festival. examples of techno artists/DJs would be : adam beyer, richie hawtin/plastikman, dj rush, and derrick may.

    b – jungle/DNB (they're the same thing) is characterized by sampled and resliced breakbeats from the 'break'downs of older funk tunes, combined with programmed sequences from drum machines. examples of jungle artists/DJs would be : ed rush, dillinja, grooverider, and ME.

    c – aphex twin is IDM/experimental. some of his tracks have a techno-ey feel, some are more jungle-y. he's all over the board, so he's usually classified as 'IDM' or 'intelligent dance music'. he's an evil, evil man.

    d – if you want a good jungle mix, download my new one! here!

    if ANY of you confuse techno with jungle EVER again, i'm going to kick all of your asses. πŸ˜‰

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