I just thought this was really funny. I was out last night exploring and we got hungry and stopped at a Chi Chi's. We ate, and I went to the bathroom, and they had those urinal ad poster things there. One of them started out something like:
"Throw your cigars in the truck. Heck, drag them behind your truck."

A quote from the page:
The Armored Humidor features a watertight, unbreakable case that meets military specs for high impact, humidity and immersion. Inside, Humidipak?s two-way humidity control responds to the outside climate to eliminate all fluctuations in humidity?preventing any loss of essential oils and flavor in your cigars while in the travel humidor.

heh, who the hell buys this stuff?

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  1. urinal ad poster things there

    Hey, girls don't get anything like that! Are they like those ads they stick on the back of store shopping carts?

    I hate to think what stupid ads they'd put in the fem bathroom.

    1. kinda. If you examine the physics of how urinals work, men are forced to stare at a wall while using them. Thus people decided "Hey, let's put advertising here".

      1. Well girls might be spending time staring at the door of the toilet cubicle, but I think advertisers know it'd be a matter of 15 minutes before it was all marked up with "Jen loves Jason" and other crap like that.

        Maybe you guys should carry a marker when you go to the john. Do some subversive advertising of your own. 😉

        1. Actually the favorite one I've seen someone write is "So these two guys walk into a bar.. forget it, the real joke is in your hands…"

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