This may be a bizarre assumption, but I'll shoot it out anyway.
Does anyone here have any knowledge of air-conditioner repair and troubleshooting?

My A/C supplied by my apartment complex is supposed to cool off, at minimum, the livingroom, by at least 10 degrees.
It cannot do this, even with all my equipment powered off.
The best I have seen is a temperature stabilization, and maybe a 2-3 degree drop.

At this point, my power meter is spinning madly out of control.

Now, after about 6-12 hours running, I have racked up an obscene power bill, and the a/c has formed hard ice around all the coils. Air barely moves anymore.

I've used fans to try to assist air movement, and all that. The complex has replaced it once at my request last summer, and nothing's changed.

The question: Are they giving me shitty air conditioners (Yea, I know they suck, but are they DEFECTIVE is the question), or is it normal for this to behave in this manner, or is it something I can easily fix?

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  1. (1) yeah they could be giving you shitty units, so you might want to invest in one yourself, a decent one that is also an energy saver, because it sounds like the "clunker" they gave you could be an energy hog to boot.

    (2) check the filter(s) on the unit and clean/replace it(them)

    1. It's an in-wall unit, so replacing it is probably not an option
      I know for sure I could find one that uses less energy though.

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