Status of my shower repair…

(conversation about repairing my vehicle above this conversation)
(14:19:51) noweb4u: yea, so my apartment dude came and "fixed the shower". He replaced the showerhead (which wasn't broken to begin with) and didn't even bother turning it on. Needless to say it still doesn't work.
(14:19:59) denisbaldwin: hrmm..
(14:20:05) noweb4u: it was the same one who botched it the first time
(14:20:07) denisbaldwin: Call Motown Dyno…
(14:20:14) denisbaldwin: they are at like Dequinder and 10, I think.
(14:20:19) noweb4u: ahh
(14:20:57) noweb4u: hmm, I think I'll bug this place up the road, where if they botch it I can walk home and get something to kill them with.
(14:20:59) denisbaldwin: hah..
(14:21:05) denisbaldwin: fucking repair people.
(14:21:07) noweb4u: yea
(14:21:32) denisbaldwin: haha..
(14:21:32) denisbaldwin: Like a big chainsaw!
(14:21:35) noweb4u: I'm gonna take a picture of that dude and say "don't ever send this guy to my apartment anymore" and send it to their complex management
(14:21:40) noweb4u: don't I wish..
(14:21:51) noweb4u: I was thinking of making a nasty flamethrower or something though
(14:21:59) denisbaldwin: haha..
(14:21:59) denisbaldwin: you should
(14:22:07) noweb4u: burning to death sucks almost as much as botching my shit
(14:22:08) denisbaldwin: haha..
(14:22:26) denisbaldwin: Just give Zero some beans and tell him to put on the wifebeater and carry a torch.
(14:22:34) noweb4u: haha
(14:22:41) noweb4u: I'll just use zer0 as a weapon
(14:23:27) noweb4u: so yea, I called up the complex uber pissed, and told them how much of a shitty job he did last time, and how he didn't fucking do anything this time, and blah blah blah. I didn't censor my true feelings either.
(14:23:43) noweb4u: I feel sorry for the lady who had to take the call
(14:23:54) noweb4u: I should send them a gift basket when it gets fixed
(14:25:28) denisbaldwin: haha..
(14:25:28) denisbaldwin: and just not kill them.

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