+ I lost 10 pounds since I visited my parents last
– Something I ate there is giving me a nasty stomach ache, or at least I think it was from there. It might have been the pizza's from meijer, they weren't very frozen when I picked them up. Figured it might have been they were defrosting the freezers, but I could be wrong. Hopefully I don't get some strange disease from them. Update: after discussing it with my Doctor (who lent me the car to begin with) we think it was being in an enclosed area with turpentine fumes (his wife carries her artwork in that car) for 3 hours or more straight. On the way there I was driving with the windows down because it was nice out, but it was chilly on the way back, so I had them shut. :-/

+ Fixed my grandma and grandpa's computer
– All the dust in it kicked up my allergies

+ My doctor lent me his wife's car so I could make it safely across the state
+/- Now I've fallen in love with it. I'm gonna see if he's looking to sell it anytime soon

+ Visited alot with my family this weekend
– Forgot to stop by my mom's house until I was halfway to grand rapids on the way home. doh! /me feels dumb now.

+ Looks like I am getting another cousin in a few months
– There's no minus here… :->

Anyway, this weekend rocked.

5 thoughts on “weekend.”

  1. you forgot about us? mom is convinced that you hate her now…and the fact that you didn't stop by does not help. Bad paul, tisk tisk. you should have came over we were all having sheghetti and apple pie, ummmmmmmmm. ~peace, love, unity~Anna

    1. I don't, it's a common misconception. I am disappointed at her lack of trust in me, it goes far far beyond anything recent, but I certainly don't hate her.
      I was really busy all weekend running errands and stuff like that to help prepare for the fathers day party for the family that my parents were hosting, that it completely slipped my mind.

      Then I remembered at 11:30pm as I crossed into Grand Rapids proper, I knew I was forgetting something all weekend, and suddenly realized what it was I forgot.

      I felt terrible, but I was going to be late from work if I turned around at that point, plus it was so late you all were probably in bed anyway. :-/

      Hope it was a great Fathers day with or without me.

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