it begins. pheer.

I just ordered my nextel. Got the big bulky $70 one (like denis' but yellow) because I knew I would a) beat the shit out of it, and b) the accessories would be easy to find second hand.
Given that, I need a datacable. I ordered their digital data service for laptops and shit. Nextel dude said they're $50 new, and that's expensive as hell. Anyone got any extras? I'd pay almost half that for a data cable.

The hard part will be waiting until thursday or friday. 🙁

My plan has unlimited direct connect and 2 way text messaging and unlimited data service. I got like 200 airtime minutes because I will almost never use it for voice, but there are areas where my at&t that work provides don't work, so it will come in handy.

so, um. w00t.

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    1. yea, I should have said "unlimited*"
      * unlimited wireless web and shit in the handset, and wireless modem service which uses normal airtime minutes

      I'm thinking about their packetstream service, which offers normal data service, and gives you like xMB per month. I'll consider it if I end up using the service more than I think I will. For now, it's just a occasional use, handy thing. w00.

  1. direct connect is one of the main reasons I got it, other than the data service. I am hoping to use it so much it screws up their revenue model. 😎

  2. Yea, I got the i700plus. It's bulky, yellow, and ugly, but compared to the other phone that was $75 bucks (that had a larger sim card, basically), the other one looked flimsy as hell.
    Remember, I've totalled like 4 palm handhelds in the last 3 years.

  3. You're thinking of 's old "girlyphone". He used to use like the i89, but he grew up and got an i700 (military specs). got the i700 in yellow. I use the same model. They're harder to lose because they're such an obnoxious color.

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