w00! Victory is mine

Today, I did the following:
* Created a system that allows me to reinstall the OS on our servers from source media over the network with ONE COMMAND. w00t!!!!!!!!!!

* Installed 27 machines with it

* Ran the command to install them a few more times just for the hell of it

* Yelled w00t! numerous times in the datacenter

* Drank Mountain Dew right in front of the "You are entering a colocation center, No food or Drinks" sign

* Yelled w00t! some more

And my day's not yet complete. I should run these commands a few more times for the hell of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

12 thoughts on “w00! Victory is mine”

    1. w0000h0000h0000h000t indeed. I can ssh to a machine, type "self-destruct" as root, and disconnect. I can ssh to the same IP 5 minutes later, and it's completely reinstalled off the source media.

    2. oh, and when it's reinstalled, it has all necessary packages to perform whatever task it usually performs. Thus within 10 minutes a compromised machine could be reinstalled, patched, and put back in production.

      Scary, isn't it?

      1. *note to self: hack server thats serving the images to clients, build in a back door, exploit all clients, make reinstall off server :]*

        1. First, you'd have to figure out which one is the image machine. Then you'd have to either penetrate the firewalls that have no inbound traffic allowed yet, or you'd have to penetrate the firewall administration machine which itself runs a mini-set of the same firewall rules.
          Then you'd have to penetrate the installer, then penetrate every other host to force a reinstall.

          It would be easier to knock me dead, steal my hand, figure out where I keep the password for the cage on me, and then reinstall the machines with a trojaned CDROM.

          Personally, I wouldn't recommend doing either.

          1. well now i know the combo for your cages…. that step is complete… i got a guy working on a replacate of your hand……. the servers are mine!
            that… and isint the image on OM?

    1. I'm using an alphaserver ES40 right now to hold my (closed) 1 liter of Mountain Dew today. The alphaserver ES40 easily costs more than a low end new car. We're not talking like a Denali here, but it probably outcosts a new Dodge Neon.

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