I got my nextel. Now I gotta wait for service activation, which I am told takes longer than normal because I had to pay a deposit. I am told it should be ready monday, because the accounting department doesn't work weekends. :-/
I've got DC numbers for denis, dan kivel, dan taylor, and sneak in my phone book. The poll is still ongoing, and I don't care if people get people to go there just to stuff the ballotbox for who gets the first directconnect of me going "w0000000t!"

Thanks for the offer of the data-cable sneak. I may take you up on it monday, I dunno.

Peace out, I'm going to field day.

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    1. Yea, I've been trying to get one since 1998, but I had no credit, and the deposit was far too much. Now it's gotten better, and it's more affordable of a deposit, because I actually have some credit established. :->

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