I hope to god it won't come to this, but here goes. If you know someone looking for my skills, give them a shout out for me.

Monster resume #1811942
I am looking for a job in the networking/sysadmin field
Name: Paul Timmins
Street: 930 Village Green Lane #2014
City/Town: Waterford
State: MI
Postal Code: 48328
Country: US
Phone Number: 248-379-7826
Email: paul@timmins.net
Relocate: Will Not Relocate
Salary Requirements: 51000 USD/year
Work Requirements: Full-Time, Employee
Education: Vocational
Work Status: US I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.


Paul Timmins
930 Village Green Lane #2014
Waterford, MI 48328
Primary Phone: 248 379 7826
Secondary Phone: 248 683 7295
Mobile: 248 379 7826
I am looking for a job in the networking/sysadmin field
Resume #1811942

To obtain a great job in the industry where I can put my existing knowledge to its fullest potential, and gain endless amounts of new knowledge.
Target Job Title: Network Engineer
Alternate Target Job Title: Systems Engineer
Desired Job Type: Employee
Desired Status: Full-Time
Desired Salary: 51,000.00 USD Per Year
Site Location: No Preference
Description of my perfect job:
UNIX / Linux Systems administrator, Network Engineer
Internet Company a plus
Startups a plus
Open door management policy strongly preferred
Situations where I can work directly with my supervisor as a peer STRONGLY preferred.
Career Level: Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Date of Availability: Less than 1 month
Company Size: Small (1 – 99)
Category: Internet/E-Commerce
Description of my ideal company:
The best company would not place restrictive policies in the way of getting a job done the most efficient way possible.
The Ideal company would select the best tools for the job, regardless of political preferences.
My ideal company would use common sense when making decisions, and would ask the people "in the trenches", for their input – we're hired because we know what we're doing, and just might know the best way to get the job done.
Relocate: No
US-MI-Ann Arbor US-MI-Detroit
US I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.
10/2000 – Present SupplySolution, Inc Southfield, MI
Network Engineer
My job description is to keep the Supply Chain Management software, "i-Supply", in full operation, running efficiently, at any cost.
My current work hours are 3am-11am ET (This is 3rd shift, in Pacific time, as the headquarters are in Santa Barbera, CA). During this time I am fully responsible for the management and smooth operation of a 3 site, 200 server network, with data collection servers installed in 30 places globally at customer sites. This position entails occasional onsite maintainance, and mostly remote administration. My usual task is carefully watching the monitoring systems to look for anomalies that may indicate a problem before it happens, so that I may fix it before it becomes noticeable to our customers. Our internal SLA is no more than 5 minutes downtime per day, and _no_ downtime during office hours in the US)

11/1999 – 9/2000 isiah.com / i-Gift Birmingham, Mi
Head of IT
My job description was to ensure the smooth operation of a 15 employee company on the IT side. This required me to administer 15 windows based machines, including laptops and desktops. I also administered an internal intranet server based off Redhat Linux.
It also required familiarity with administraton of a Toshiba telephone system, proper configuration of a Livingston portmaster ISDN router (as well as working knowledge of POTS, BRI , and PRI circuits).
I was in charge of all purchasing decisions, and repair and maintainance of all computers.
Halfway through my employment our contractor that ran the e-commerce site terminated the contract, and refused to release the passwords. The site went down, and given nothing but a keyboard and monitor I was able to recover passwords on all affected machines and return the site to operation in under 48 hours. During this time I began to learn cisco IOS, and I was able to successfully secure the site against intrusion, as the contractors had left the machines wide open on the internet.

1/1998 – 6/1999 Grand Haven Area Public Schools Grand Haven, MI
Developed and maintained the school district website as an internship, and then on a paid basis.
I was responsible for maintaining an up-to-date web presence for various departments within the district (as well as the district itself), and making sure the entire site was navigatible in a simple, straightforward manner, and that it was handicap accessable.

11/1997 – Present Timmins Technologies Waterford, MI
UNIX Systems Administrator
Operate a Sun Solaris based Sparc 10 as the primary system administrator. Set up security, and remotely recovered from 3 root level compromises due to improper configuration before I began working on it.
This server is run mostly on a volunteer basis, with some paid accounts. It has 10 interactive users, and 20 more email only accounts. It hosts DNS and websites for approximately 15 domains.

I also run http://www.telcodata.us/, a site I set up in my spare time that gives information on the public switched telephone network. In the last 6 months it has caught the attention of several CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers), who now use it on a daily basis to resolve billing complaints and disputes, as well as retrieve information about specific numbers. The data supplied is collected from about 4 different sources, and is run on a MySQL and PHP backend, with about 10 perl scripts and a shell script to process the new data and insert it into the database in a useable form. The database contains over 150,000 rows, and contains information on every telephone exchange in North America.
I have also written a version of the site that was powered with a Java Server Pages backend, but I found it was overcomplicated for this simple task, so I retained the PHP interface.
It also has a WML interface designed for use on a cellular telephone web browser. This interface itself has several regular users. It is currently run for free, but there are several ways I could generate income from this site if I chose to do so.
6/1999 Careerline Tech Center US-MI-Holland
Completed CIS program, set up 3 servers, and ran a 15 user network. I did this without the teacher even noticing it was happening. ๐Ÿ™‚

6/1999 Grand Haven High School US-MI-Grand Haven
High School or equivalent
Graduated High School
3/2002 – Present National Weather Service SKYWARN Trained Volunteer Storm Spotter

2/2002 – Present Oakland County Emergency Management RACES Volunteer

12/2000 – Present Amateur Radio Operator

6/1997 – 6/1999 Grand Haven Area Public Schools TV5 Volunteer
Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
Pascal Intermediate Currently used 3 years
Netware Intermediate 1 year ago 3 years
Windows 2000 Expert Currently used 2 years
UNIX Expert Currently used 4 years
Windows Expert Currently used 4 years
HTML Expert Currently used 4 years
C Programming Beginner Currently used 1 years
PHP Programming Intermediate Currently used 2 years
BASIC Expert Currently used 10 years
x86 Assembly Intermediate 1 year ago 4 years
Linux Expert Currently used 3 years
Java / JSP Beginner Currently used 1 years
Richard Stiennon The Gartner Group Head Security Consultant
Phone Number: 248.202.3762
Email Address: richard@stiennon.com
Reference Type: Professional

Dan Taylor
Phone Number: 616.772.6633
Email Address: slash@darkhaven.net
Reference Type: Personal

Chris Kent Grand Haven Area Public Schools Community Relations
Phone Number: 616.850.5065
Email Address: ckent@remc7.k12.mi.us
Reference Type: Professional

Vince Deur Deur Productions Producer
Phone Number: 616.844.1787
Email Address: vdeur@triton.net
Reference Type: Professional

Thom Byxbe TechKnowTimes Editor
Phone Number: 850-916-4678
Email Address: byxbe@workbench.net
Reference Type: Personal

Terrence Crown SupplySolution, Inc Director of Engineering
Phone Number: 248-455-0912
Email Address: terrence.crown@supplysolution.com
Reference Type: Professional

Mike Betts SupplySolution, Inc. VP of Operations
Phone Number: 248.455.0910
Email Address: mike.betts@supplysolution.com
Reference Type: Professional
If you want any more info on my abilities, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any of my professional references.

Salary is negotiable.

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  1. Company is facing a potential 50% slash in headcount. Everyone I know is preparing their resumes, even my boss, even the department VP. I guess developement really clusterfucked the company and there's a 50/50 chance there will be massive layoffs next month, rumor says.

  2. 51,000!?!?! Holy muthafuckin shit yo. Next time we're out ask me and I'll tell you what I make. You'd better be sitting, though, because it's so miniscule that spike could sodomize it while it was sitting in a chair.

    1. yes. I start negotiating high.
      Note the bottom line. Salary Negotiable.

      Hell, monster told me I should go for 65k as a unix admin.

      1. dude, the west coast is the fuqn spot.

        you just have to know people, and be able to SE corporate types.

        fuck, i made mad loot in SF, and all i had to do was look sketchy.

        1. yea, if only I could afford the move, and had any desire to leave the area. I like being a 3 hour drive from my parents. It's cool, coz like they can't really bother me about my life, but if I need them, or vice versa, it's not hard to be there.

  3. Yea. It's all based on what decision is made.
    Everyone wants to ditch this one guy, let's call him "R". (No, R isn't one of his initials)
    R has made friends with Investor "Q".
    Q listens to R, and when R says something, Q believes it verbatim.
    Everyone else "*" believes R is leading the company to disaster. Obviously R isn't going to tell Q that he sucks.
    Q says (based on R's recommendations) we should cut down $20k in payroll, which would cripple the company, and leave R in a position of power, and wouldn't stop the decline of the company, eventually leaving to a slow, inevitable bankrupcy.
    * believes that we should remove R, and when the developers come out with 5.0, we fire all of them, and replace the development team with one that doesn't suck ass.

    Q is on a balance beam right now. Kill off R, and invest almost 4 times as much as "R"'s plan, or punt and go with R, let R lay off *, and invest far less money, but take a much higher risk.

    We're all hoping he makes the right decision. I understand the voice of * at this point is that for the most part, those who don't get laid off are seriously considering quitting in protest. I might join them myself, if I have an offer lined up.

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