In the last hour, We've:

* Got a new apartment (we move tuesday)
* Comcast cablemodem will be installed wednesday
* Power is set to be on at both locations during the move (Detroit edison lets you make changes to your power service online)
* Phone service was transferred back to Ameritech (MCI was being stupid, and I was tired of them (despite their lower prices), so I switched back)
* I have to call monday to get the movers phone line thing set up (you keep the same number, and they ring it at both locations as a courtesy, totally free, during your move, which we will have over 15 days to do so)
* DSL will probably be installed relatively soon there too
* w00t!
* hax0r!

So yea, me zero and becky are fucking hardcore. w00t.

8 thoughts on “Whoa”

    1. Well, I was personally guaranteed I would never have to wait over a month to get my shower repaired (It's been a month yesterday, 5 calls to building maintainance have been ignored.
      I'm just threatening a lawsuit to break my current lease. It's not fun here.

      So while technically anything is better than this place, yes, this new place totally rocks. Plus it's close enough to the CO to get DSL (which I'll be getting through speakeasy) and I can get real cable, instead of this travesty of signals down coax this complex calls cable.
      This means we get cablemodem too. :->

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