Hey, someone out there must know this.
Do canadians use two letter abbreviations for their provinces? If so, what are they?
http://www.telcodata.us/ <-- This is why. I have canadian telco data, all currently thrown in there under "CN", but I'm sure they have two letter abbreviations for their provinces I could be using.

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  1. hello canada girl…

    ya man. they changed it to 2 letters after the states did.

    british columbia – bc
    alberta – ab
    saskatchewan – sk
    manitoba – mb
    ontario – on
    quebec (losers) – qc (i think)
    nova scotia – ns
    newfoundland – nf
    new brunswick – nb
    prince edward island – pe
    yukon – yt
    northwest territories – nt

    why on earth would u need to know this? canada sucks.
    get em here

    1. They may suck, i don't know. I've been to their casinos once. :-/ Either way, I run a telecommunications database site where you can look up information on a phone number, given the area code and prefix, among other things.
      A good number of people find the site useful, so I am adding the rest of north america into it as I find sources for the information.

    2. Re: hello canada girl…

      I believe Québec's abbreviation is PQ, for province du Qu&eactue;bec.

      And don't forget Nunavut (NU, I believe)!

      1. as nunavut seems to share a single areacode with the yukon and northwest territories (867), I put it all under northwest territories. :->

      2. Re: hello canada girl…

        ya, i thought it was pq, but that website said it was qc. i dunno. at this point i know the states' geography better than canada. i should just move there.

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