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Please help me proofread this letter to my landlord/apartment complex. Please make comments and suggestions. It would mean alot to me.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had numerous problems with your apartment complex, Rivers Edge Apartments, in Waterford, MI.
The most significant of which, is still an ongoing problem. This is not the first time I have had problems with your repair staff, but it’s the last time. I have found alternate living arrangements, as I consider Rivers Edge in violation of section 18 of the lease agreement, where it states (insert quote here).

Overall, I also claim you violated MCL 554.139b, which states you are obligated to “…To keep the premises in reasonable repair during the term of the lease or license…”

I am requesting the management of Rivers Edge Apartments to release me of my obligations under the current lease agreement (which is for 681 Glenbrooke, Apartment 8309), without penalty, on my behalf, and the behalf of my girlfriend Rebecca Guzman, whose signature appears below. In return we will not seek legal action against the complex for these events.

If these are not acceptable terms, and you choose to decline my offer, I am considering legal action under breach of contract laws. I have given sufficient notification that there is a problem, and received no resolution to said problem, and overall, with all the problems, it seems that I am being ignored intentionally. I’ve made a large number of good faith attempts to get situations rectified, and it seems that your employees, who are acting on the behalf of the complex, simply don’t care, and would rather I just go away. So now I am.

Several members of your office staff can attest that I have made multiple reports, and am not making this up.

Here is the log of my most recent issue. This event is still not rectified. See enclosed photographs. Basically the problem is that the shower/bath selector knob is randomly malfunctioning, and depending on position will either:
a) Not give any water anywhere, spigot or showerhead
b) Give water at a seemingly random extreme temperature (independent of how the water feels at the spigot, the water coming out of the showerhead is either always scalding hot, or freezing cold) at a very low pressure
c) Work at a somewhat stronger pressure, with a random extreme temperature
At no time can you select just the spigot, or just the showerhead. They either both come on, at whatever pressure they choose for the day, or they simply don’t function entirely.

7 June, 2002 – The shower begins to function abnormally.

10th June, 2002. – Made initial service call, was told 24-48 hour response and repair time. The metal rings that cover up the holes cut in the tile so water doesn’t leak into the wall also had not been attached since the complex replaced my faucets due to a dripping spigot, so I made a point to mention it.

11th June, 2002. – Repair guy shows, replaces shower head (which wasn’t even the problem), doesn’t check to see if it was fixed, and walks out and leaves the repair form on my seat (I was sleeping). I then called the complex, and reported that the job was unfinished. This is the last time anyone seemed receptive to the entire problem. I was told the person would be sent back on arrival. This is the last time I ever seen a repair-person in my apartment.

24th June, 2002. – I called again, and was told it should happen soon

28th June, 2002. – Made another attempt at contact. Left message on answering machine again, no one acknowledged it

29th June, 2002. – Filed another report, this time in person, at complex office. Considered finding alternate living arrangements.

1st July, 2002. – Alternate living arrangements found. Application filed.

7th July, 2002. – At this time it was exactly one month without shower. I was approved at the other location, and I happily accepted.

9th July, 2002. – Signed lease at other complex. Still not repaired. I think my reports have been literally tossed in the garbage. This is far beyond “a reasonable period”, as pat 18 of the lease specifies, so I consider Rivers Edge Apartments in violation of the terms of the lease. As such, they have indicated they no longer desire to abide by the terms of the lease.

Previous events:
Some time last winter, it took over a month (and two service calls) to repair my oven. I could understand if they were working diligently at doing so, but they were not. In fact, after all this time, and wait, it was soot collecting on the flame source for the oven. It was cleaned off by the repair tech within 10 minutes of arrival.

My power bills seemed high, so I inquired if someone could be sent to see if my appliances were drawing the appropriate amounts of power. I went on vacation, and came back to a notice that said “Power draw coming from large amount of computer equipment, appliances not checked”. Now, I knew my equipment was drawing higher than average amounts of electricity, but I inquired specifically if the appliances were working properly. I guess I’m not entitled to knowing that. Maybe the complex is satisfied with the operation of their almost 20 year old appliances, but they don’t have to pay the bills for their operation either. My apartment was using more power (950-1000 kwh/mo) than my parents’ 4 bedroom house, which has an electric stove, a washer and dryer, and a pool filter/pump (a 1hp electric pump, running constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Now, I know I have a lot of computers, but I don’t have that many.

Some time last summer, my air conditioning was malfunctioning (defined as not cooling the apartment to at least outdoor temperatures). I requested replacement, and it was indeed replaced, however, this model was also insufficient to cool the living quarters as described on the paperwork that I received when I signed the lease. Further complaints were ignored, and finally I resigned to living in an apartment that approaches 95 degrees in the summer (almost 10 degrees hotter than the outside air), with the air conditioning running on high 24 hours a day.
This has resulted in dangerously high temperatures, pressing into ranges that can cause heatstroke or hyperthermia. My electric bills have also risen considerably, since the machine cannot cycle off, because it doesn’t get cool enough. The only reason I run the A/C at all is because it cools the room 2 degrees cooler than my fans could.

What do you think?

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  1. Egads, man. You stayed there as long as you did? That's nuts. I probably would have kidnapped a manager and forced them to use my bathroom at gunpoint (not at first, but it would have happened).

    1. Also, I'm all about making sure that I am on firm ground when I make a move. With this much shit, I guarantee I could convince a judge.

  2. 9th July, 2002. – Signed lease at other complex. Still not repaired. I think my reports have been literally tossed in the garbage. This is far beyond “a reasonable period”, as pat 18 of the lease specifies, so I consider Rivers Edge Apartments in violation of the terms of the lease. As such, they have indicated they no longer desire to abide by the terms of the lease.

    pat == part

  3. I like this. I really do. Can I use this verbatim?
    I would usually have written something like this, but my communications ability has become quite clouded by the entire mess.

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