I need a lawyer…

Okay, so remember the thing where I am going to threaten to get out of the lease? The plot thickens.

So while I was moving my desk, I knocked over a ton of papers all over the place.

In the interim, the apartment complex entered the apartment for no reason (which they are permitted to do according to the lease)
I am now being threatened with eviction for having unsafe living conditions.

What the hell!

I need a lawyer.

Please, someone help me find one. I need one within the period of a few days, or I'm fucked.

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        1. i had a bunch of papers on my desk.
          i knocked them all off while I was packing my computer equipment.
          they entered the apartment for god knows why, and seen the papers on the floor.
          state law says that excessive papers on the floor is a fire hazard, and therefore unsafe.
          but basically, since they've done this, i have 7 days to "comply"
          here's the thing. they pre-dated the notification letter. I have less than 3 days to reply.

          1. hmm, if the papers are the only problem that they have you for, then try this: throw all the papers in a box. put the box on your desk or some other place. tell the a'hole that there is no longer any "litter". voila.

            yeah, they have a stupid complaint, but a legal battle often turns into a big headache and stuff.

          2. Here's the problem. If you read back, there's more to it.
            I moved because they wouldn't fix my shower.
            I have yet to break the lease.

            I think they're harassing me.

    1. eviction looks bad when you are up for lease renewal or trying to get a new lease.
      especially when it's for "not meeting state mandated minimum safety standards"

      1. true, but haven't you already signed a new lease with the other place? besides that, eviction generally means a court appearance. You go to court, they have to prove that you weren't meeting standards. In this case that would most likely mean pictures of the messy apartment. Even if they got pictures, theres not a court on earth that would grant eviction based on a mess of paper. This would also appear to be a retaliation move based on you leaving, which would look very bad in the eyes of the court. Plus, considering you're trying to get out of the lease based on the fact that they weren't meeting minimum sanitation standards, I don't see where you have much to worry about.

        1. If I can get a lawyer to say "you're in the right, I'd defend you in court if necessary. this is a good letter, send it". I'd sleep better at night.

  1. no worries

    You have a strong case…just be sure to document everything. Bring a friend with you when you take the pictures of your paper-mess-free apartment and have them sign things agreeing with you and generally being your witness.
    Your old complex is absolutely retaliating and it seems they have little ground on which to stand. Make sure you have given your notice of moving out and forwarding address through certified and proof of receipt mail.
    Don't even bother threatening legal action. This does nothing for you. You've already found a new place (congrats!) and now you should be waiting for your security deposit to come in the mail. If they keep messing with you, forget about hiring a lawyer. Even if you find one that only gets paid if you win (which, I can't imagine you will), your winnings wouldn't be enough to cover the legal fees spent to represent you in the first place.
    You can handle this by yourself (though hopefully you won't have to) in small claims court. If you don't get your full security deposit back or at least a letter indicating what portion of your security deposit they are keeping by 30 days after you move out, then you can almost be guaranteed the full amount back to you in court. It costs a nominal fee to file papers ($17 or so) then you can just get a friend to serve the papers. (or spend $20 to get them served professionally)
    I just hope you have proof of the condition of your apartment before you moved out. Some places are shady enough to actually fuck up an apartment intentionally and then blame it on the former tenant just to keep the security deposit. Keep me updated, you don't seem to write back to my emails. (adamk)

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