I need a release for my stress. Something that doesn't interfere with my 3rd shift job. Something where I can forget my life for a few hours, and not worry about how much it's costing me to indulge myself.
Any suggestions?

Don't say excercise. I'm still sore from standing around all day saturday at the coast guard festival.

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  1. hrmm.. Well, when I'm stressed, I do one of the following things:

    – Masturbate
    – Break things at my house
    – Mow my lawn
    – Drink some beers
    – Take a long relaxing drive
    – Go to Coney Island and indulge
    – Get laid by some random girl I'll never see again

    1. my entire life is based on goals and destinations.

      I can't aimlessly do anything. While breaking shit is cool, it gets old unless I can do serious damage, like break windows, and rip out walls,and shit.

      I'm looking for new experiencees.

      I hate alcohol, and I'm not into the whole "god, lets go get blotto and get an STD" scene.

      I hate mowing the lawn, maybe because it's something I used to do at age 13-19, I dunno.

      Masturbation just leaves me with a raw peenie and makes me tired and thirsty.

      I don't really like hotdogs all that much.

      If my car wouldn't fall apart randomly, maybe driving around would be cool. me and zero do it all the time, but we're running out of places to go based on our time constraints.

      I'm looking for an activity I can enjoy with others. I hate being alone.

      1. yeah, with me going into work at 2p and getting out at 9p, and you working at 3a and getting out at 12p, it dosent help do anything
        that and i usually have to work weekends

      2. Something where I can forget my life for a few hours. . .I'm looking for an activity I can enjoy with others. I hate being alone.

        How about cable television? bazillions of channels and programs, plus you can sit with your sweetie while ya watch. Very non-brain and very non-exercise.

        1. That's the other issue. I percieve most mass media as corporate brainwashing. Fancy where i'd get an idea like that, working at a volunteer run TV station 😉

          They say once you work in TV, you could love the job, and love the work you do, and not be able to stand anything else. It kinda spoils you, making you go "why didn't they take this shot, it would be far more dramatic", or "they're censoring themselves to meet the lowest common denominator", ya know, stuff like that.

          I have almost a hundred channels, and a brand new TV, and I rarely ever use it except if something newsworthy is on, or I want to see live radar.

  2. what's cool is windsor. You have to be 19, but the money is less. You can play quarter slots there and spend less than a quarter doing it…

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