This weekend:
+ and I had the usual friday dinner at the mexican place with
+ ate out alot this weekend. I'm such a high roller pimp.
+ got a CF card for the iPaq. It came in *REAL* handy saturday for untold reasons.
+ started a fire at denis'
+ used alot of gasoline and various other flammables
+ nearly lost a good portion of body hair. w00t!
+ hung out with nate and his girlfriend, along with
+ got some stuff I REALLY wanted. Information wants to be free, but this shit ain't getting out. 😉
+ driving around with zer0 we found some guy with some DMS-100/500 line cards at the curb, along with some various DAT tapes, etc.
+ We now posess various DMS-100/500 linecards and DAT tapes
+ um, wow. (yes, more shit I'm not mentioning)

So basically, I ran around starting fires and playing unreal tournament this weekend. I really can't complain.

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