Vacation? Indeed!

I've worked 2 years so far without taking a single vacation day. I spent the day after christmas at my parents fixing a database failure.
The last real time off I had was in November of 2000, inbetween jobs.
I don't even know what to do with myself anymore. Last time I sat around and paid my bills.

3 thoughts on “Vacation? Indeed!”

  1. In my defense, I don't decide my life via polls. doesn't even do that, but I'll imply he does. I accept advice, to do with as I see fit. To use it or discard it.
    Besides, the voices wouldn't like it if I forsook them for a silly poll.

  2. it could happen. I don't have any of the equipment, but I have some knowhow. Where were you thinking of going? I'm thinking something midstate.

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