More information about my old apartments and the shower

Thanks to a nice lady at Meijer, I found out that I could request every work order ever filed on my apartment.

Here's the ones for the shower:
Date opened 6/25/02
Knob for the shower does not work. Water is barely coming out of the faucet. Can't adjust water temperature. Has not worked right since the last time you guys came out. Please recaulk faucet. He says his bathroom looks like crap!
Date Closed: 7/20/02
Remarks: "Repaired Shower"
Date opened: 6/19/02
Shower head doesn't work.
Date Closed: 7/15/02
Remarks: "on another work order"
Date Opened: 6/8/02
Shower head 0-0-0 (Paged D.K.)
Completed: 6/11/02
Remarks: "Replaced Showerhead"

Note the overlap. Note the interesting overlap in dates.Might I remind you. They only appeared at my apartment -ONCE-. They replaced the showerhead while I was asleep. They didn't test it.

By the way, It's September 3rd, and the shower still doesn't work.

I really love this "ron" guy. He seems to consistently close reports without actually doing any work.
Check this out. My oven didn't work last winter for a month. Here's the tickets.
Date opened: 12-5-01
Oven doesn't get hot, only warm.
Completed: 12-5-01
Remarks: "Adjusted setting" (note, he never came to our apartment, nor explains what setting he adjusted)
Date opened: 1/7/02
Oven 0.0.0 Does not come on
Completed: 1/12/02
Remarks: "Cleaned pilot assembly"


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