We settled. That's all I can say.

I'm happy. Private celebration tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚


I'm thinking of having a move-out party this weekend where everyone helps me pack my shit and bring it to my storage. Pizza will be served, and I'm not promising alcohol or anything, but we can talk.
Also I have a whole lot of older hardware and misc crap I might let go for cheap/free as we find it.

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  1. Shower party for all? w00t!
    Yeah.. uhm.. I wish I could help you pack…
    its the thought that counts, right? well… all that Sun stuff.. hehee.. old hardware, right?

    1. hmm. I have a sparcstation ELC I'd be willing to part with on the cheap. Its monitor has failed, but the ram is populated. All you'd need is a serial console (the serial port works) and maybe an external SCSI HDD + CDROM, or you can get an AUI tranciever and netboot it.

      approx $50, buyer pays shipping (the unit is about 30 pounds, so yes, it'd be cheaper to drive and pick up.)

      One would do well to read up on the caveats of this system before making an offer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It was one that was acceptable to both sides.

    Rather than trying to argue whether I owe them money, we worked something out where I agree to leave, and I didn't accept any liability for the money, and they didn't waive their rights to collect it later.

    But should they come after me for it later, I at least will have a far more coherent legal strategy.

  3. Landlord/tenant and lawyer stuff

    I wish that you would have spoken with me before you settled (which I hope you got a huge chunk of what you were originally fighting for/ defending yourself against.) If you ever need legal help I can hook you up with a service you can afford for a lawyer. Keep in touch. And this goes for anyone else too!

    "Bad landlord! No rent for you!"


    1. Re: Landlord/tenant and lawyer stuff

      er. this was an eviction suit. We agreed that I would vacate, and neither of us would admit to anything, or waive any rights, we just agreed that I would leave.

  4. Landlord stuff

    So they didn't screw you out of any money? In my opinion, I wouldn't have let them get away with all the neglect they demonstrated while you were living there. But I can't blame you for not wanting to drag stuff out, and it's nice to be able to have it done and over with and be able to go on with your life. Let me know if you have any problems at your new place before things get out of hand…I seem to always have a way of making sure things get taken care of.


    1. Re: Landlord stuff

      No problem. We are talking about money seperately. We split their complaint into two different complaints. The eviction was accepted in front of the judge as "we both agree he's moving out, and neither of us are waiving any of our legal rights as far as the rest goes"

    2. Re: Landlord stuff

      "Defendants are not agreeing they owe anything. Plaintiff is not agreeing to waive. Both parties are just agreeing that defendant will move"

      1. Re: Landlord stuff

        Ok, so you're saying you settled on the fact that both parties agree to you moving. I understand that part. When you say "the plaintiff is not agreeing to waive" do you mean that the plaintiff (the apartment complex) is not agreeing to waive the monetary fees that they feel you still owe them? Is your case still open with additional court dates to determine who owes who what amount of money?


        1. Re: Landlord stuff

          It's weird. While it doesn't protect me, the idea is that the complex is so bullheaded that they wouldn't even consider settling with me. Their lawyer sees how screwed they could be if they used the legal strategy of "just keep trying even when the other side is sure to win", but can't convince them how fucking stupid they are, so it's kinda a way to let the rest fall to the wayside. "Oh, I never filed a follow up case? Simple oversight, my apologies. It's too late now, though!"

          Basically this stuff is going away. This should be the last time I ever have to deal with them.

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