I would hurt if I wasn't already numb from the pain.

32 hours straight of moving (no sleep), and about $200 later, and I'm completely moved out of a full-on trashed apartment.

I filled a god damned dumpster with honest to god garbage from my apartment.
It wasn't even half full before I started. It's overflowing now.

I filled my storage locker half way, and my new closet almost all the way.

I found clothes I forgot I had.

After having hellish muscle spasms from carrying heavy weight up and down stairs for 32 straight hours, and twisting my ankle so much I forget what a straight ankle looks like ;-), I'll never have to deal with that apartment again, God willing. It's my understanding I'm pretty much home free.

What a long strange trip it's been.

On that note, my official mailing address has changed. Hit me up if you ever have a need for it. 🙂
(and let's face it, everyone in Detroit knows where I live now)

Anyway, I'm rambling, and can barely walk. Time to go to bed.

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