I've decided I'm going to use my $50 at amazon to enhance my DVD collection.
Since I can't write polls:

Cheapbastard Poll #9488

	I've got a $50 amazon.com Gift Certificate. What DVDs should I buy with it?

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    1. If it helps any…

      The DVDs sitting at my desk are:
      Office Space
      Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
      Training Day
      War Games

      On my fileserver I have the following in MPEG format:
      Gone in 60 Seconds

        1. Re: If it helps any…

          Hey, they're pretty cool to watch when you're bored. It's not like I take time to watch them or anything, but having them rolling in the background while I'm doing other stuff is leet.

          1. Re: If it helps any…

            Categorising 'Le Pacte des Loups' would be tricky, but I'll try. Its a period costume horror martial-arts werewolf movie and surprisingly all those pieces work together provided you don't concentrate too hard. Why no one has previously made a period costume horror martial-arts werewolf movie before is a mystery, but I expect plenty of imitations in the future.

            This movie?

  1. I could always use some amazon.com stuff and I'd be willing to trade you some of my extra DVDs for that certificate. You'll get 2-3 out of that cert if you buy from Amazon or 5 if you buy from me.

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