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  1. perhaps not, but from the sounds of it, it seems alot like walking down the street and trying to open random doors of houses and cars and the like, just to see which ones were unlocked. (or perhaps seeing which ones could be easily picked). but I admit, I don't really understand the whole notion.

    1. With the program I use, called Kismet, it basically just sits and passively listens.

      It's more akin to walking through the neighborhood and hearing people yelling from inside the house.

      What you do with the information after you get it, is up to you. I usually leave most access points alone. I sometimes use the data I've collected on where there are ones that are open and connected to the internet are, so if I need to jump on and grab something while I'm out and about, I go to the nearest one, link in, grab what I need, and leave. Usually this is stuff like mapquest maps, or getting on the county's traffic monitoring site and seeing if there's any severe traffic jams, and if alternate routes are suggested.

      I wardrive as a social event. I've made quite a few good friends through wardriving the last year or so.

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