Bit of a rant about recovery.

I'm sick of these same four walls.
Sick of the pain of my cuts and shit.
Sick of being tired and sore from doing basic shit.
Sick of getting winded taking walks that I could do without issue every day before the surgery.
Sick of having a nonexistent appetite.
Sick of wincing in pain from a fart that won't reach my ass for another hour or two.
Sick of laying in bed when I want to be out and at work, or just out doing something.
Sick of being in pain when I shiver.

Having to pee hurts (No, I didn't say it hurts when I pee. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Gas pain takes on a whole new life when it presses on internal sutures.

I'm tired of being tired. How about that? heh.

I'm sick of what used to be simple being very difficult.

I guess I should be happy I made it without complications, but I'm cranky and tired today, so there's probably no pleasing me. heh.

7 thoughts on “Bit of a rant about recovery.”

  1. surgery sucks.

    i've had 2 of them… once i broke my leg and was pretty much immobile for 2 weeks after they put the pins and crap in it… it hurt to even blink.

    the 2nd one i had surgery on my eye muscles, i was esentially blind for 4 days and had sutures in my eyes. i had to rub this stuff that was like vasoline in them every other hour.

    hope you feel better soon. i found playing mind games with my family and books on tape helpful on getting through it.

    1. yea, those are both pretty shitty. The things that hurt the most to me right now are where they stitched muscle under my skin. Because they cut belly muscle, I have to basically grab my thigh and kick forward with the other foot to sit up in bed. It's weird. It used to really suck at first, because I couldn't stand up straight, and my back muscles have never been all that strong, and so I'd be able to walk for about 10 minutes before my back hurt so much I needed to sit.
      Today I walked through meijer for a half hour shopping, and i was only tired out when I was done. I mean, I supported myself partially by leaning on the cart, but it wasn't as bad as I remember it.

      What I hate most is how when you lay on a bed for a while and your back gets sweaty, and there's nowhere else to lay. Then it dries and gets all itchy and crap. bleh.

        1. when you're a sweaty pig like I am, it does. I had the same problem in my hospital bed. I'd sweat coz of fever and soak the sheets. icky.

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