Currently seeking suggestions on good system engineering/administration reference books for the following:

OpenVMS (Alpha)
Nortel Meridian systems


I'm looking for something that discusses how things work, with examples on performing various tasks, and an explaination of what the various commands are for, and when they should and shouldn't be used. Basically something that appears it was written by a seasoned professional who has seen everything. 🙂

Any suggestions? I know there's people on my list that know some or all of these things.

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  1. I know there are some good books on OpenVMS out there, unforunately I don't know what they are. If I resign from my current position, I'll probably go back to working on the Alpha.

  2. and be forced to wade through jackass trolls who post something stupid like "AS/400 is dead", or "OpenVMS sucks", or "Here's the url to search amazon for these terms" and stupid shit like that? I'll pass. heh.

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