Dear sir,

Your site saved my ass. God bless and keep you and provide you with all
the cold beer you could ever possibly need.

Now, to tell customer to write his damn passwords down next time.

Thanks a bunch!

Paul, as usual, thanks for helping out.  I really appreciate you stepping up over the past couple of weeks to help out, and have made [CEO] and Santa Barbara aware of your efforts, which are appreciated by all.


[Finance Director]

[Boss] cancelled the meeting for today.


"That transaction has been approved and the transaction has processed, you're all paid up now, thanks."

(to self) – "Hrm, for the first time this week we have 22 open lines on the office PBX at 11am"

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  1. Every time I see the little guy icon for the mood.. the brown thing at his feet with the stick person in it looks more to me like a puddle of puke and always reminds me of that kid from southpark who blew chunks every time he saw the girl named Wendy.


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