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  1. I've used GPS on an airplane before without incident. Just not during takeoff and landing, per FAA regs. Keep the wifi and ricochet away, though,

    I didn't get any secuirity hassles flying with GPS, FRS, wifi, ricochet, camera and laptop gear in hand luggage.

  2. Nope. I'd take this trip over defcon any day. I get an all expenses paid trip to Santa Barbara for a week to meet everyone at company headquarters, one of those days I'll be in Pleasanton, CA meeting everyone at the new headquarters building.

    Rumor is that I possess like 70-80% of the company's domain knowledge in Operations. I know alot of stuff about the company noone else does.

    Did I mention they're picking me up from my apartment to take me to the airport by limosuine?

    1. I'll bet. I'm actually taking two, one runs windows, but has two batteries. Excuse for that one is mapping software and quicken.
      The other is the linux one I use every day.

          1. Fortunately I don't, I just have to use it for trip mapping and Quicken. Both of those applications have linux equivalents, I'm just waiting for them to become more useable.

          2. I felt like taking away people's computers for stupidity at my last job. Most of them weren't even qualified to run a deep fryer, let alone a computer.

  3. They're generous, but they're not that generous. I hear rumors of this being a possibility in the future, they claim they wanna get me out every few months.

    I'd be singled out in a suit. I asked dress code for headquarters, and they said nice lookin shorts and a shirt would be fine, so I picked up a few on sale at meijer, I'll post later this weekend with the photos.

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