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  1. amen to that. Isn't this the same president that was outraged when Iraqis showed photos of dead American soldiers?

    Did you see yesterday's headline where Bush told us it's "time to move on" when someone questioned him about the so-called intelligence that started the Invasion.

  2. I don't like Bush, but he is not all to blame for the economy. If Clinton had been paying attention instead of getting a BJ then maybe it would have been different

    1. Bush deserves a bit more blame than he is getting. The tax cuts he's been issuing are for the sole purpose of bankrupting social programs that are too controversial to cut directly. He used the same strategy in texas. It's easier to say "sorry, we can't afford it" rather than "I don't like the program and I'm cutting it".
      And it can't help investor confidence when a large part of the more important members of Bush's presidential cabinet were involved in the second biggest corporate fraud/bankrupcy in US history (Enron).

      Dick Cheney has a financial interest in war on iraq (and is also using influence to give corporations he likes crucial contracts)

      Those and many other overlooked corruption within the current government far overshadow the adultery that Clinton was guilty of, economically speaking.

      And while the DNC is partial, they do give some pretty decent reasons that Bush's economical strategies suck:

      "There haven't been this many Americans out of work since the last President Bush was running the economy. Because of this President Bush's bankrupt and reckless economic policies, 9.4 million unemployed Americans will spend the 3-day holiday weekend with their families, but won't have a job to return to on Monday.

      "Since Bush took control of our healthy economy, more than 3.4 million Americans have become unemployed, the unemployment rate has increased 56 percent and, harshly, long-term unemployment has more than doubled."

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