Well, I'd have to say I'm really surprised my last message didn't provoke as much panic as it could have. I only got one message on AIM, and one comment. You all must be completely used to me and my weirdness

So yea, next time I take apart a toner unit for a fax machine, I'm gonna do it inside of a trashbag instead of in the tub. Toner and water don't mix. I tell myself this all the time, but who's reaching for the wet rag to wipe off toner? My punk ass, that's who.

Anyway, canyonero and I are having lots of fun. Clicky is fully working, down to the ringer generator circuits.

My asterisk system is functioning normally, and I just bought an IP phone to use with it. It'll be awesome if it works well.

I'll be reluctantly cutting the cord to vonage next month, but only because I've got a suitable replacement that costs me alot less per month and allows me to have even more fun than I should with phones. (see above line). Note for those considering to use them, I'd continue to do so, if I used enough long distance to make it worth my while.
Check out for some nice alternatives. I know people who know people there, and they're a cool company.

The coolest view ever is from the intersection of Giddin Rd and Harmon Rd in Auburn Hills. You can see the whole city from there at night. It's neato.

I'll be possibly back on the day shift next week. This should be interesting 🙂

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  1. Based on how vague the post was, I assumed it was something sort of blackhat, or at the very least grey-area. If I needed to be brought into the fold, I would, otherwise I like to let my friends not cop to possible felonies in public forums.
    Besides, you're one of the most intelligent people I know, so it's not like I thought you were doing something like changing toner in open air (you know that shit can kill you, right?).

  2. No offense man…but you're too much as a goody to do something really offensive or that could land you in serious jail time 😛 (unlike myself who continues to do stupid shit for the hell of it, lol) we all knew it sounded worse than it was….

    1. hehe, alright, you'd have to get an outbound tandem from the crossbar that uses the 20pps pulse, not the MF inbound signalling.
      Modify the source in zaptel.c in asterisk's zaptel library to understand 20pps pulse, if it doesn't already (I haven't tried).

      Set up a dial plan that goes like this:

      exten => _NXXXXXX,1,Dial(IAX2/${USER}:${PASSWORD}@voicepulse/${EXTEN})

      And you should be all set with VoIP based long distance service. 😎

      1. Oh, and this requires the Digium Wildcard X100P.
        And I forgot one more thing: for the trunk selector to work, you're gonna have to idle the trunk at 2600Hz. Configure asterisk so the dial tone on the Zaptel devices is 2600Hz. Then when the selector goes searching for the tone, it'll find it and seize your "trunk" line. If you get the four port FXS model, you can have 4 outbound trunks, which should work nicely for a very small city.

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