Mexico's exciting array of new area codes! ole!

[paul] did you all know that mexico now has an exciting array of new area codes?
[paul] which used to be single digit numbers covering regional areas, are now 3 digit city codes?
[paul] how cool is that?!?!
[paul] I could squeal with happiness
[slash] yeah — i'm sure there's a demand now with all those factories being moved down there
[slash] I must be going. College awaits.
[paul] well, this kind gentleman informed me in french on the one working number I figured out that he couldn't transfer me from his extension
[paul] have fun
* slash twirls his finger

2 thoughts on “Mexico's exciting array of new area codes! ole!”

    1. When doing business, discussing business, or any other business or work related activity, yes. This includes any legal activity commissioned by anyone that generates income. I can also discuss technical matters with other technical people, and maintain active personal relationships with people that I exchange technical counsel with.

      And I was -never- banned from telephones.

      This bond element does not have any active restrictions that require that I must make minimal contact with the computer when performing these tasks. The intent is to prevent me from committing computer crimes while out on bond (which is already a violation, since that would be a misdemeanor or felony, and I can't commit either while out on bond). It's not a punitive restriction, and seeks only to ensure that the public and the interests of the law are adequately protected.

      Good to know I have a stalker. Why the sudden interest in me?

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