Broadband Over Power Lines is the new big thing, but a Platt’s study shows that even consumers might not be interested unless it is offered to them at dirt cheap prices. “Nearly one-quarter of residential customers in our survey said they would be very interested in BPL if their utility could beat the price of broadband internet alternatives,” said Michael Reid, a research director at Platts. “But interest dropped sharply when we introduced specific price points. At $29.95 per month-below typical prices for internet access via cable or DSL-only 9 percent were still very interested.” Is anyone listening?


It's good to hear some positive news these days.

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    1. Remember: Your power company will be running new technology, with less experience than the friendly people at wide open west as far as running an IP network goes.

      And your bandwidth could totally go to shit when they start interfering with various RF services, since this technology basically shits all over anything under 30 Mhz, and the powerlines are completely unshielded, meaning the the entire power network can operate as a large antenna. Anyway, when they begin to interfere with legitimate users, they get their nuts chopped off, so they have to render large swaths of the band unavailable.

      Wait until the truckers hear what it's gonna do to CB radio…

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