For anyone experimenting with Basic Stamp in linux, I've slapped together a few mods on one of the program's on Parallax's website to support BASIC Stamp 2.5. I'm still looking at the license to make sure it's okay to distribute it, but if you need it in the meantime, it's here.
I'm relatively certain the open source stuff in it is either public domain, or intended to be for public use and modification and redistribution, and I know the tokenizer is closed source, but freely distributable, but there's no license on the stampbc code at all that I can find, so I'm trying to find the author to clarify.

If it's not meant to be modified and redistributed, I'll pull it.

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  1. BS2 Debugging output

    Works great but I am not sure how to get debug statements to output…
    any suggestions?

      1. Re: BS2 Debugging output

        Hmmm. I am somewhat confused. I am able to open minicom but not able to
        get output… The program says "Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys"
        when I run it. I was able to get the configuration to: 9600 8N1
        but no output. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

        How do you get the output from the BS2 program into the output window? I have
        setup the serial cable with showtty and can upload programs okay.

      2. Re: BS2 Debugging output

        I was not able to get output from minicom… perhaps I do
        not have it setup right. How did you run minicom at the command prompt?
        How do you specify "9600,n,8,1 with no flow control".
        I appear to be running minicom 2.0

        I was able to get output using the "cat /dev/ttyS0" command after finding this posting on Parallax's site:

        But I am still interested in your minicom method though…

        1. Re: BS2 Debugging output

          Just read the documentation for minicom. It's just a terminal program. The basic stamp 2 sends debug output as standard serial output at 9600 baud.
          It also takes debug input at 9600 baud, so you can upload a fully interactive program into the BS2 and use a program like minicom to communicate with it interactively.

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