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      1. Fortunately, that only yields "'kill' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." for me.

        I think my next MATLAB project will feature a commandline of kill(withpipe, musician, 'probability',1/1000000);

        1. "I'm not running unix on my machine, but I still have demonstratable geek cred!"

          That'd still be funny though. People would scratch their head wondering why.

          1. Well, yes. Running UNIX these days ain't shit; anyone with a Knoppix CD can "run UNIX."

            Being able to write a program capable of destroying hardware, now that's geek cred.

            kill(withpipe, colonelmustard, 'location', parlor) would be amusing too.

          2. I work on hardware, but not in any sense that would allow me to insert a HCF opcode. I have, however, destroyed hardware solely through the use of software, and arcwelded with a multimeter. A battery powered multimeter.

            HCF… Hardware Cause Failure?

            kill(me, softly, 'source', 'hissong'); % fugees suck
            kill(out, tonight, 'permission', mommy); % misfits don't
            kill(thrice, blood, 'grass', grows); % blood makes the grass grow
            % kill kill kill

            Now I just need something for this hypothetical program to *do*.

          3. HCF = Halt (and) Catch Fire

            I want to know how you arcwelded with a multimeter. That sounds neat. Unless you simply used it to short mains current or something 😉

            The program should do something magical, like parse any sentence given into nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. That or maintain a large, important array of numbers.

          4. Ahhh. Nope, never a HCF. I have, however, programmed a SDS function.

            Start (and) Destroy Sensors.

            I suspect it was a short of the 12V supply that actually did the damage, but the multimeter was definitely involved in this.

            Probably it will just do boring manipulation of data.

          5. damn. You did that with 12v? Nice.

            It needs to do boring manipulation of important data, like maybe parsing of keplerian elements, and using it to plot the locations of things in orbit.

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