Wednesday, 28 Jan 2004

Wednesday, Jan 28, 2004
A plea bargain shows up on my attorney's fax. It's a misdemeanor, yay!

I'm working my ass off, so I don't get a chance to go over it until later.

But look carefully… what's that? 12 points? That's felony territory, in Zone C. Mandatory incarceration, 10-16 months. No sir, we're not falling for that. Please try again.
Thank god I studied USC Title 18, Section 1030, (a)(5)(A)(iii) closely before receiving the agreement. I knew a loss amount less than $5000 was necessary to gain a misdemeanor conviction. This punk put >$10k of loss. I think not.

Wait, this isn't a misdemeanor at all. It's a 1.5 year felony. But it clearly calls it a misdemeanor.

Oldest fucking trick in the book. It doesn't matter what you agree to plead, you get sentenced as it claims in the agreement. Despite the wording, it would have been a felony conviction. No sir, I won't take that at all.

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