Tuesday, November 11, 2003.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003.

I wake up, get in the shower and go to work. My boss (who is usually on the west coast) is there. I walk in, and I see a whole bunch of people huddling around the front page of the Detroit Free Press. They look at me in amazement.
A coworker comes up to me. "I heard about it on WJR news radio on the way in. What the heck, is it true?" "It was mistaken identity." "Oh, good. Hope it all works out for you."
My boss walks into my office. He tells me he knows what's going on, and asks me honestly if I did it.
Nope, it was a case of mistaken identity.
He nods, expressing the disbelief that I'd ever be so stupid as to hack lowes and try to steal anything.
He asks me not to talk to anyone about it. I agree not to.
He asks me to join him and the rest of the department for lunch, where we talk about the ramifications of all of this, and various other department issues.
At the end of it all, I'm asked to start using some of my 6 weeks of vacation time while they figure all of this out and they'll get back to me. They're sure they're gonna keep me, but just need to make sure everything's cool with upper management.
I find out now that I've made the front page of the Oakland county section of the free press, larger than the words "Teen Killers sentenced". Little did I know this would be just the beginning.
Apparently, it was released onto the AP newswire.
I get home, and my friends are calling me, saying that the article is appearing all over the place. Google news has pages and pages of articles on it. I start getting faxes of some of them. I find out they're writing about me in Taiwan, Germany, it's even on TV in Kosovo. Bloody fuck. My friend directconnects Becky. Hey, dude! You're on NPR, check it out!
I turn on NPR, and sure as shit, they're talking about it.
I come home in time for the 6 o'clock news. Fox 2 Detroit opened the newscast with the story. Oh fuck.
All of this, and it's just the arrest. I realize finally how deep of shit I'm truly in.

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    1. it feels good to tell the story, I spent the time feeling like very few really understood what the entire experience is like.

  1. November 11th!? I didn't realize that. That date has meaning for me too; the day I became an Eagle Scout and the day I was fired for the first and only (thusfar) time, from K-Mart…

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