Subject: fresh young raptors hard action

haha, the imagery on this one is.. wow.

First one to cook up something in photoshop or mspaint or whatever that matches the subject line in the funniest way gets mad props.

7 thoughts on “spam”

  1. what I don't get, is the SPAM that is seemingly just a bunch of gibberish.
    I mean, sending out advertisments for some scam, product, website, I can understand (still hella annoying, but I see the logic behind it).

    however, sending out crap that makes no sense…. pointless.

    there's prolly a virus/spyware/adware or some crap attached or something.

  2. I was looking for base images to doctor up, and this was one of the images. I'll see if I can make something later, but it couldn't possibly be this creepy.

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