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    1. yea, run an 8 or 12 pair or whatever, and just use two for the fax. That's it.

      The idiocy of the stuff I've found at a friends girlfriend's dad's new shop

      1. better that then to only run the single pair cable thru the wall and then have that single pair go bad and have nothing else to fall back on.. OR to decide a few years down the road that "wow, it would be COOL if we stuck an ATM and a DSL here…" and then require 109249834 hours of sub-contractor work orders to rerun premise cabling.. but… crazier things have happened…

          1. Re: Nurse Becky!! Code Blue Code Blue!! he has blood in his MtDew stream!

            lol, Becky and I aren't an item anymore, so I doubt she'd be able to help, but yea, blood in my MtDew stream could be dangerous 🙂

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