haha, I picked up an original gamegenie for my NES at the EB games in Royal Oak today. Holy crap does this back fun memories of playing games with the most outrageous cheats ever. Marios with infinite jump, invincibility, and infinite lives. Damn, was that fun. I just found a new way to cause insomnia.


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  1. I wanna play! I was too poor to have a nintendo. We had an Atarii though that my rich uncle sent us.

    Frogger was my favorite game.

    Of course now we have a PS2 that we never play.

    1. My parents got me a nintendo when they dropped down to $99 in exchange for me learning my times tables.

  2. Wow, that rules

    I remember the good old, NES. My brother and I had one back in middle school. Always the non-conformist, I like Spyhunter,Section Z, and Metroid. At one point, the NES broke and we "fixed" it by taking it apart. In order to get it to boot, one had to use a wire toshort power to ground on the graphics chip. It was totally the "hacker special" of NESs. Later on we fixed it properly and sold the system and all of our games to some neighbor kids for like $200.

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