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      1. When I was a child, my family knew a couple that owned a working farm just shy of the state line of GA. We would visit and it was a warm, comforting house…white clapboard with a wide, inviting porch, double paned sash windows, beautiful big plank hard word floors, etc. Obviously that's not what Paul's photo was of but it reminded me of their farm and how serene and far removed it seemed from the city where I'd grown up.

        1. Which is cool. I took the last two pictures because of the way they were framed reminded me of the kind of scenery I grew up seeing, rural homes, occasional farmland, random two track trails, that sort of thing. The cool part is I took those in the middle of the city of detroit. The pictures look drastically different if they weren't framed the way they were, or were at a higher resolution (in the case of "the road less traveled"). Just an interesting reminder of simpler times.

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