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  1. grumpy smurf

    hahaha… we have AHOLE person at work.. ok, well, sometimes he's an A-Hole… ferreal… but one person deticates their life to making spammers live's hell.. who are they and provide an IP and we'll make sure they go down

    cheeky zeedy tweaks !
    ***NOW IN BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Re: grumpy smurf

      I'm not getting that information, I'm just getting the backscatter because they're using timmins.net as the "from" address.

        1. Re: grumpy smurf

          I would, but from who? I mean, I'm getting bounce messages – by definition I now know what email addresses DON'T exist on the internet 🙂

    2. Re: grumpy smurf

      Matter of fact, I don't know exactly what you are saying, but I got this spam from this IP somewhere in Portugal:
      When you think you can do something about it, you have my blessing, as we put it.


  2. picture with becky and the tank

    Welcome to the Timmin's house safety system.
    All trespassers will be shot first and asked questions later.
    Make your time.

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