[paul] aww, occ, you retards
[paul] how am I supposed to look up my schedule if you're just gonna up and disable your site at 11:45pm nightly
[paul] Online Services hours: Monday – Saturday, 7:00 am until 11:45 pm
[paul] Sunday, unavailable
[paul] hate
[niteshad] You're not down with OCC
[paul] yea, you know me
* paul digs up text file containing schedule
[paul] bastards
[niteshad] I can't see them powering down all of their servers nightly
[paul] yea, they don't.
[niteshad] What do you want to bet it's a firewall rule
[paul] they just disable web access to the online systems
[paul] I think it's actually a feature of their backend software
[paul] probably to run evening batch jobs
[paul] but that's pretty archaic these days
[niteshad] That's so…1985
[paul] I know
* paul breaks out tn3270
[paul] aww, damn, the AS/400 is down for nightly batch processing!
[niteshad] Then again, community colleges frequently have virtually nothing for budgets. It's conceivable they're still running a VAX or some shit.
[paul] I can just see the tape reels at OCC spinning madly, computing my schedule and making sure I'm in the right class and shit
— niteshad is now known as HAL-9000
[paul] then it punches out a paper tape that an old guy with glasses reads with a magnifying glass, shakes his head, and toggles a few switches
[HAL-9000] I'm sorry paul, but I can't allow you to jeopardize your class schedule like that.
[paul] haha
[HAL-9000] Perhaps if you'd like, you could take a stress pill and we can talk about it.

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