5 thoughts on “Because I know my friends are into this, I'm reposting dino comics today…”

  1. Vadding is great, we found an abandoned Air Force Radar Base up here. The only activity still there is a cell phone company leases one of the towers.

    The mining companies turned the land into swiss cheese too, but we are a bit hesitant about exploring old mineshafts.

    1. When I was a kid, you could still find the abandoned radar platforms for the Nike missile bases that ringed Detroit in the 1950s. There used to be one on Grosse Isle and another near Monroe, MI. To my knowledge they've all been demolished now.

    1. The author (ryan) hides commentary about the strip in the alt tag. You won't see it properly in firefox due to a bug unless you have a special extension (it should appear as a multi line item tooltip with a todo list of the 3 things t-rex wants to do before he dies).

      It's sorta a neat thing because he always hides another joke in there somewhere. I love dinosaur comics. He uses the same panels every day and puts different things in the dinosaurs mouths, but he keeps them with a consistent personality and storyline, it's awesome.

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