Regardless of your feelings about the issue, can the world please declare a moratorium on the use of the phrase "pro-life"? It's not descriptive of the idea they're trying to convey anyway. I'm all about life, so can I call myself pro-life if I hypothetically agreed with abortion? Technically, yes.

No particular political statement here, it's just damned annoying. I was researching laws on human cloning out of boredom (You complete me, mini me!), and there was a anti-abortion version of an anti-cloning bill. I look at the phrase "pro life" and think "wait, cloning creates more life, so isn't that technically a contradictory term, if they're opposed to cloning? OH, THEY MEAN ANTI ABORTION OKAY." So what's with the ambiguity? Obviously so they can call pro-abortion people "anti life"…. but amusingly a great percentage of pro-abortion people are also anti-death penalty, so doesn't that make them "pro life"? And many anti-abortion people are pro-death penalty, so is it accurate to call them "pro life"?

To define:
When I say "anti-abortion", I mean people who are are in favor of making it illegal. There are many people who are pro-abortion who would never do it themselves.
When I say "pro-abortion", I mean people who are in favor of keeping it legal. I don't mean they are all about aborting by the billions, just that they think it should be a choice between a doctor and patient.
When I say "pro life", I mean people who always want to see people survive at all costs. Of course, by this unambiguous definition, this would mean someone who doesn't believe in abortion (regardless of whether they think it should be legal or not), doesn't believe in the death penalty (since that's unabashedly a pro-death thing..), and doesn't believe in suicide or euthanasia.
When I say "pro death" I mean people who are about death for death's sake. Murder, War, Suicide, Euthanasia, Abortion, and the death penalty. Few true "pro death" people are around, for obvious reasons.

See how clear that is? Why are we using words that distract from the debate? Why are we annoying Paul? All must stop.

Rant off.

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