WTB: One submersible laser, preferrably fin mountable

I now have fish. Blame

Please note the freakin shark, and its noticeable lack of any freakin lasers to go with. The fish are not sufficiently intimidated.

now I can stare at them for hours as they just float there basically motionless and look like they're defying gravity.

12 thoughts on “WTB: One submersible laser, preferrably fin mountable”

  1. I have a laser device that I use for work. but alas, I don't think it's submersible. and besides, it can barely manage eye damage, much less any other kind of destruction

    1. heh yes, this does put plans for a cat on hold for quite a while, but one wouldn't survive in my house anyway. There's too many things for it to be curious about that would result in a pretty grisly death.

    1. I like the shark too. I'm very pleased with how it looks in the tank.

      I've been against naming them, but that's because I can't tell them apart yet. I just might a little later.

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