6 thoughts on “I hate winter”

  1. What are you complaining about? The snow isn't even over your bumper yet. I hope I can figure out which pile of snow is mine in the parking lot here. I haven't moved it in a week.

      1. I suppose that all depends on the frame of reference. If someone grew up in Siberia, this is nothing. For someone who grew up in SoCal, this is fucking awesome! This is why I am thankful I have a garage to park in.

  2. A thought occurs to me, considering that your new car is white, you want to be especially careful and observant while driving in winter: it's effectively camouflaged to other drivers. I say this because for many years in college I had first a silver Pontiac 6000 and then a gunmetal dark grey Oldsmobile Ciera. Whenever it was overcast and raining, plenty of people had a hard time spotting me on the road.

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