Weird cell phone stuff

Don't freak out if you can't reach my cell phone tonight. I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I just did a phone upgrade from an iDEN phone to a CDMA phone on sprint and it's acting all funny due to the number port.

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  1. Ive been thinking of doing that.. I just have such a large investment in iDEN stuff I dont wanna spend the cash.

    1. I spent $60, and have mad cameraphoneage. Nextel->Sprint ports don't incur a contract fee, and you get to take nextel's upgrade plan, where if you haven't ugpraded your handset for a year, you get $75 off, and if you haven't for two, you get $150 off retail.

    1. dude, I was on nextel. It doesn't get much darker than that ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Back in 2001, their network was superior in that data worked everywhere, every handset supported it, the web browser plans were cheap and made sense, the direct connect quality was great, the voice service sounded crystal clear.

      Now my phone is advertized by gangsta rappers, it's got a data plan that worked everywhere. Problem is, it's the same speed it was in 2001 (approximately 14.4k, at best), they've dicked with the vocoder so all my calls sound like crap, the direct connect is nationwide now (a plus!) but I now know only 3 people with nextel, and I communicate with direct connect maybe once or twice a month, and when I do, it's flaky as all hell. I have a phone that is capable of all sorts of wonderful things, and nextel is intentionally dicking up the wap proxy to prevent me from doing things like viewing color images (ooh, menacing!), and their fuckin SMS implementation (except on their very newest phones) is done in the stupid wap browser. Yes, I LOVE 800mS latency on my text messages. woo!

      And let's not go there on the costs of a phone that has a camera and does bluetooth. I could get a car for the cost of their handsets that do that. No thanks.

      Sprint is a lesser of two evils. They're CDMA (which annoys the shit out of me, since I can't just change phones whenever I want, to anything I want, like GSM (or even iDEN)), but their data speeds are cool, their data policies and prices don't suck, and they're otherwise essentially the same company, their voice plans merged when they did, so really my plan costs are about identical.

      1. I would give you shit for leaving Nextel, but I did too, and also went CDMA. Only difference is that I went to Verizon.

        Do let me know how Sprint treats you, I'm interested to know.

        1. (I don't really like verizon after what they did to me as a previous airtouch customer, and their subsequent bungling of the sales call I made to them in 2001 just before I went down and bought my nextel. Their sales staff was so stupid I hung up on them and immediately went and bought a competitor's product.)

          1. By the way, that was me up there. But Verizon isn't all that bad anymore, although many of their sales people can't find their own assholes with two hands, a flashlight and a map.

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