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          1. Re: Sign, Sign, Everywhere the Sign…

            actually… in reading the other comments and learning the true nature of the incident, I feel the need to share that you are not alone.. I have shot my Glock left handed and had the slide nail my right hand also.. although I am not sure exactly how you were holding it but when it hit mine I was using my right hand as a bit of a secondary support but had my thumb too high and thus the slide nailed it.. fortunately (for me), it did not produce the gash that yours did… it hurt like a mofo for a bit though. at least it was caused by the slide though and not by a projectile… I know a sheriff's deputy who shot himself in the ass (on accident) getting in his cruiser… lol..

            someone has to be graphically inclined enough to make a "do not feed the Pikachu" sign similar in nature to that which is used at the Zoo around the bears, lions, and other animals that they request you not feed…

  1. Yes, I was quite pleased with the way that you handled yourself on the range. Having the presence of mind to safe the pistol when you were that bad off speaks well of your situational awareness.

    Most everyone who shoots my .38 loves it. If you're buying a double action revolver, I'd recommend getting a similar model in .357 Magnum though, since the .357 will happily and safely fire .38-Special, .38-Special+P and .357 Magnum. That way, if you ever feel the need to move up to higher-powered loads, your revolver will be ready for the ammo upgrade. Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Ruger, Rossi and Colt all make revolvers ranging from decent to legendary, with prices varying accordingly. You might be able to find some police trade-in revolvers for around $150-300, depending upon what you're looking for.

  2. Never trust a post cold war semi auto or self-loaded ammo.
    I've never seen that happen, but even without this, my belief system would still hold true.

        1. At the same time, you really have to rely on something, unless you really expect to be able to arm yourself up like fuckin terminator when you hear someone dicking around at your back door trying to get in.

          1. C'mon now.
            Are you actually going to play the "home protection" card?
            a 9mm is probably the worst choice for "home protection" I can think of.

          2. I'm gonna play the "anything i buy will find itself into my hand if shit goes down" card. When you say rely, what are -you- talking about? Reliably doing target practice?

  3. Yea, my hand got in the way of the slide on [info]niteshad's makarov when I was trying to switch hand shoot because I was getting bored landing all my shots on in the X, and 10 on the NRA target. I gripped the right side of the pistol a bit wrong and my thumb was up too high when the slide kicked back. ow.

    For what it was worth:

    * The shot that caused that hit the paper on the outer ring at standard yardage
    * I released the clip and safed the weapon before tending to that injury, which was dripping blood.
    * I did it all without startling anyone on the firing line.
    * I bandaged myself using my new favorite toy from smith and wesson, a blue knife (I put a gauze and tape pressure bandage on my dominant thumb by myself)
    * I fell in love with niteshad's 38 revolver. Say all you guys will about self defense, I think I really like double action revolvers. If you need 6 bullets in self defense, you're already screwed, besides, I can already do a 5 second dump and speedload.
    * Now to see if I can pass NICS. I want that shit.

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