Do you know what your sin is, Doctor? It's pride.

Gonzales said that Congress was aware of the program's scope and that it had been approved "under the authorization to use military force" against terrorism.

His remarks echoed the comments of President Bush, who said Monday that he had briefed key members of Congress on the program.

Key members of parliament have personally observed this subject. I was told that
the Alliance's support for the project was unanimous.

2 thoughts on “Do you know what your sin is, Doctor? It's pride.”

  1. "Do you know what your sin is?"

    "Mr. Gonzales…It's Lust. Lust for unlimited power
    beyond what was rightfully granted to your station"

    Does this mean that there's currently an Operator from JSOC,
    or perhaps CIA SOG tracking down the Attorney General and/or the

    At any rate, I must agree that it's uncanny sometimes how life
    immitates art.

    1. Re: "Do you know what your sin is?"

      I would not complain if a serenity-like "operative" was after Bush and Gonzales, in their capacity as normal human beings.

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