8 thoughts on “A Picture Share!”

  1. it is not that it can not COUNT that high…
    it is that it is:
    a) running an operating system designed/maintained by Microsoft;
    b) utilizing one of the flawed floating point Pentium chips;
    c) does not want embarrass/expose the 'uneducated retail worker's' lacking math skills.

    1. Let's be honest. It's a way of convincing uneducated customers that they can't do more than 12 items on the express lane ๐Ÿ™‚

      Even the employees are more educated than that.

      1. that would be great, if only the uneducated customers actually _cared_ about other people's shit, instead of having the attitude that "hey, it's not mine…what the fuck do I care if it breaks?"

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